A Patch For This And A Patch For That:

What they are and where to procure them

When people hear the word patches, the first thing that comes to mind is a small piece of fabric on top of another fabric. In a way, that is true. Patches are made from small pieces of fabric. Another idea when people hear the word patch is that it is a badge of achievement and membership. This is especially true among boy scouts and men in the army. For boy scouts, they have patches made as a badge of achievement such as survival patches, civil service patches and so on. One can see the accumulated patches arranged on their vests or sashes as proof of their success.Patches

For military men, patches serve as an indicator of the special unit they belong to. By the late 80s and 90s, patches had become fashion must haves for teenagers. These patches would depict their favorite sports team, pop culture icons and even cultural fandoms such as Star Trek and KISS.

Most patches were made either by embroidery or stamped on. And they were attached either by Velcro or by iron on backing.

The most popular patches are iron on patches, due to its ability to have the patch attached seamlessly on the medium. And it’s quite easy to attach because it requires a simple iron. The patch is laid on the garment and then covered with a thin, damp towel. Then the iron is placed on the towel for half a minute to attach the patch to the fabric.

Believe it or not, iron on patches can double as giveaways and even collectibles. So where can we get these patches?

We specialize in creating customized patches for people who like to show their achievements in a very subtle manner. We make them in minimum orders of 10 pieces and so on.
Having custom iron on patches made is quite easy. Just follow our simple steps. The first step is design. A custom patch won’t really be a custom patch if it wasn’t made uniquely. Patch designs can be made either by sketching or in fully rendered looks. They can even be an amalgamation of two icons. Whatever the design, what makes the patch is what it means to the user.

The second step is choosing the embroidery. Our package allows seven free colored threads. Afterwards, we give them free control on how the embroidery is done. They can have the patch fully embroidered or partially embroidered. After all, we put the custom in customers.

The next step is sizing. Because these are custom patches, they can be as big as big as cans or small as a wallet size photo. The patches can also be made in various shapes. We offer our clients the choice to have the patches shaped like circles, star or even stenciled out designs. The possibilities are endless.

The next step is choosing the backing. We have a wide range of patch backing to choose from. We have tape backing, which is a great choice if a person needs a quick change for their outfits; button loop backing, which allows patches to hang on either a button or a lanyard and of course iron on backing for iron on patches.

The next step is to choose whether the patches have borders. These are designed to keep the threads in line as well as show a detailed and clean look. The standard border is the marrow border, which gives the patch and simple, but classic look. The other option is the hot cut edge, which gives intricately detailed patches a sharper look.

We also offer additional patch options such as the use of metallic threads for those conversation starters and additional thread colors. We aim to supply our clients with varied options.

The best part of our service is that we offer free costing. Once our clients are sure of their patch specifications, they simply fill up a request form with the necessary details as well as patch design. Then we receive the form, review it and immediately send it back to them with the complete cost options.

This is done so that our clients can see the total cost of the design and whether or not they will opt for a different look or accept it. We want our clients to be truly satisfied with both the service we provide as well as the patches they will soon own.

We believe that having custom patches such as the popular iron on patches are the best and most subtle way of showing one’s achievements in certain endeavors, membership into a prestigious organization or merely declaring their affinity for a particular culture. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction as well as excellent and high quality workmanship. There is no patch too small or too big for the job. We welcome the challenge.

Latest Features Of Callaway Golf For Every Dedicated Golfer

Perhaps, you’ve already heard about Callaway golf and its latest features. Many golfers are switching to this hybrid version due to the high-performance features it offers. In addition, there are excellent benefits to take advantage of just by using one of the models in its product line. Hence, the clubs provided by Rockbottomgolf are guaranteed to help players make the most of their games every time. So if you want to enjoy better golfing, then we can support your needs in the most convenient way possible.

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How Essential It Is To Use Callaway Products

Within the golf industry, it’s really important to understand the demands of the golfers around the world. By knowing their needs, golf companies will be able to produce the ultimate features required to level up the sports experience. Whether you want to use Ben Hogan, Top Flite, or Odyssey, we’ve got you covered. We actually have top of the line Callaway golf products to satisfy golfers’ current needs. So for those who want to round up their golfing, this brand is the right pick. In fact, we’ve experienced sudden growth in our customer base due to people seeking for retirement and great leisure time. And since most of our customers want to buy top-quality products at budget friendly rates, we are indeed happy to provide such products they need.


When it comes to competition, other golf brands really compete with Callaway golf by features and benefits. However, Callaway never compromise quality just to lead in the golf industry. In fact, the main goal is to keep golfers using the brand while enjoying the comfort and style offered by each model. By achieving advanced technology as well as brand recognition, the current market trends tend to become more complex year by year. But the technological improvements provided by Callaway made it a big mark in the golf equipment industry. So here in our website you will see the various models included in the product line to help you understand how each of them works.

Enhancing Your Golfing Skills

With plethora of options including the iMiz shaft, Odyssey Putter, Big Bertha driver, and of course the X14 series, you are guaranteed to find the exact golf equipment you need. The improved performance of these items will support your dream of becoming a professional golfer just like Tiger Woods and the rest. It actually doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or professional, the golf accessories and equipment that we offer here at Rockbottomgolf will help you improve your skills.

Taylormade golfThe larger club-face, longer heel-to-toe length, different “centers of gravity” players, and adjustable shaft perfectly know how to enhance every golfer’s ability. As a result, you will be able to hit the golf ball straighter, farther, and at better speeds. For strategic advantage, the Callaway club for golfers is packed with ultimate benefits to ensure high scores. These features will not be materialized without the help of innovative and highly skilled development and research team. The innovations are the successful results of yearly research done in order to improve the features of every Callaway product in the golf industry. With other top manufacturers competing in the golf industry, it’s indeed our honor to provide premium products that golfers can rely on.

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A Wonder Drug Turns Prohibited!

Imagine getting more endurance in the midst of physical inactivity- you get to run further and burn more fats! Amazing, isn’t it? But how in the world can this happen? GW1516, a drug developed by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), activates peroxisome proliferator- activated receptor (PPAR) to increase the transcription of genes that aid in muscle metabolism.This receptor is also associated with the transcription of insulin, a hormone that facilitates glucose utilization and subsequent energy production.

aminoimidazole-carboxamideribonucleotideThe remarkable thing about GW1516 is that it uses fats, instead of the more readily available glucose, as fuel which the body normally uses for long duration exercises. The end result is that the body gets to endure the activity for a longer period of time.A slimming effect has also been associated with this drug due to increased lipolysis, a process that involves fat breakdown. GW1516 even has a synergistic effect with 5-aminoimidazole carboxamideribonucleotide (AICAR). This is a compound needed by the body for the synthesis of amino acids, molecules that serve as building blocks of proteins that are primarily used for muscle growth and development.

However, further researches and experiments on animals show that GW1516 is not as good as what people think it is. This drug does not only serve as a performance enhancer but is also used to increase the body’s levels of HDL or high density lipoprotein, the good cholesterol, and to control Diabetes Mellitus and obesity. GW1516 could be the work of a genius except for some major drawbacks- it causes cancer and cardiovascular problems.

GSK started the trials for GW1516 in 2001 and the Salk Institute even conducted series of experiments on mice regarding this substance. Researchers showed thatGW1516 does not enhance endurance on a sedentary mouse but can increase performance by up to 70% with exercise. The results were promising but GSK suddenly stopped further development in 2007. It has been shown that it is associated with the development of polyps and worse, malignancies in various body organs. Such organs may include, but are not limited to, the liver, the reproductive organs, such as testes and ovaries, and gastrointestinal organs, most especially the stomach.

In 2009, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), an international agency that works for a doping-free sporting environment, banned the use of GW1516 because of its major health risks especially so that there is a great possibility of abuse of this drug among athletes. Early last year, five cyclists have already been suspended from their respective racing teams after testing positive for GW1516. The first athlete to be suspended because of use of GW1516 was Valery Kaykov in early 2013, a Rusvelo cyclist, who had been playing with the team for a while and who had won competitions in his field. Miguel Ubeto, who also tested positive for the sulfone compound present in GW1516shared the same fate as Kaykov. From then on, more and more athletes have been suspended from their respective teams as WADA had strictly implemented the anti-doping campaign.

A urine test had already been developed to easily detect the presence of GW1516compounds in the body.The drug had been included in WADA’s list of prohibited substances in response to concerns raised during the 2008 Beijing Olympics along with other PPAR modulators. WADA claims that this drug will never be allowed to be used by athletes as risks of various health problems totally outweigh the benefits.

Currently, the fight against the use of GW1516 is still ongoing. The wonder drug that lead so many athletes and their teams to victory is now a drug that can never be cleared for consumption. It’s still up in the market and the temptation for the sports enthusiasts to take it is undeniable. But the good thing is that there are more tests to detect GW1516 in the body and we can only look forward to a hundred per cent negativity among all of the athletes in the world.